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Find the optimal balance between revenue and bad debt to achieve the best profitability. Mia gives you accurate data and analysis so you can apply the right controls.

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eBook – ‘Building the Business Case for Financial Planning Software’
We can help CFO's to:
  • Gain transparency over operational efficiency for optimum performance
  • Utilise real-time reporting to deliver a data informed strategy
  • Enhance stability in the face of economic volatility
  • Ensure business continuity and data integrity
  • Increase working capital
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What Mia can do


Comprehensive data, reporting, analytics and workflow management ensure your team can identify, understand and resolve issues swiftly. Mitigate risk by striking an optimal balance between revenue and bad debt, for best profitability.

Control customer risk

Using Mia’s insight you can project how the conditions you apply effect profitability..

Using one aggregated score, generated by Mia’s score card engine, you can define controls and permit intelligent system decisions about customers’ trade levels. The state change engine will enact the decisions automatically reducing costs.

Improve your risk criteria continually

Information about all customer transactions is stored in Mia’s data warehouse.

Compare outcomes for similar customer profiles, understand anomalies and core patterns and make data-based decisions. The process is continual, so you can adapt your risk criteria to reflect changing market conditions.

Give customers a growth opportunity

Data based, intelligent credit limits enables good customers to spend more money with you.

Mia extension:

Credit Control

Mia’s Credit Control module helps you control costs and optimise cashflow even more efficiently with customer profiling to determine the best action.

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