Dispute Management Software

360° customer data ensures efficient resolution of disputes, identifying trends to eliminate recurring issues.

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We can help CFO's to:
  • Gain transparency over operational efficiency for optimum performance
  • Utilise real-time reporting to deliver a data informed strategy
  • Enhance stability in the face of economic volatility
  • Ensure business continuity and data integrity
  • Increase working capital
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What Mia can do


Minimise payment delays and cost to serve in customer disputes. Mia helps you satisfy customers and protect your cashflow by resolving them faster.

Unblock cashflows with fast and accurate decisions

With Mia’s comprehensive data and reporting about disputed transactions, it’s easy for your team to identify and understand problems and resolve them fast. If payment is still due when the dispute is resolved, you can quickly make appropriate contact to maintain the business relationship and protect your revenue.

You can automate the escalation and distribution of disputes, cutting out the need for manual administration. You can monitor and manage user performance in resolving disputes efficiently.

Continually improve processes to cut dispute time and cost

As Mia’s data reveals patterns of activity and customer behaviour in dispute resolution, you can improve your processes to match. Mia tells you how many and what kind of disputes are being raised and flags issues in particular areas, like deliveries or billing accuracy. If there are particular blockages and pain points, you can adjust process and communication to avoid them in future.

Deliver better service to customers

With clear and accurate information about the history of the dispute, Mia helps you bring it to a quick and satisfactory conclusion. Customers know that when they raise a dispute it will be handled and resolved with the minimum of fuss.

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Account Management

Join the dots between your sales, back office and strategic teams to deliver optimal account management, driving customer satisfaction and the bottom-line.

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