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Create efficient collaboration between users in your sales, back office and strategic teams. Cut out delays and conflicts, converting administrative silos into a collective focus on profit.

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eBook – ‘Building the Business Case for Financial Planning Software’
We can help CFO's to:
  • Gain transparency over operational efficiency for optimum performance
  • Utilise real-time reporting to deliver a data informed strategy
  • Enhance stability in the face of economic volatility
  • Ensure business continuity and data integrity
  • Increase working capital
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What Mia can do

Customer Service

Join the dots between your sales, back office and strategic teams to deliver optimal account management, driving customer satisfaction and the bottom-line.

Build trust and confidence

Mia houses a single data repository which is accessible across the business. Decisions are therefore no longer made from a silo, but reflect pre-defined business objectives, cutting delays out of cross-functional processes and ensuring everyone works together towards the common goals.

Use finance insight to feed business development

Mia’s state change and scoring algorithm provides insight from finance data that brings opportunities to your sales team. She tracks new financial information as it’s recorded. If there’s growth and a positive trading history, Mia can automatically increase the trade credit limit. She can instruct the sales team to contact the customer with the good news and monitor to ensure uptake.

Improve customer perceptions

With shared and consistent account information and insight, customers know that contact from your organisation will be seamless and well-informed. Whoever is in touch with them, your customers can rely on fast, accurate decisions and clear information to support their own business.

Mia extension:

Business Process Automation

Discover business transformation driven by process and configure thousands of events for Mia to manage automatically. Mia’s adaptable automated processes remove wastage and contribute to sustainable growth.

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