Credit Control Software

Make best use of your team’s resources and control costs with efficient,timely contact that adds value to customers and protects your revenue.

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We can help CFO's to:
  • Gain transparency over operational efficiency for optimum performance
  • Utilise real-time reporting to deliver a data informed strategy
  • Enhance stability in the face of economic volatility
  • Ensure business continuity and data integrity
  • Increase working capital
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What Mia can do


Monitor customer behaviour and spot anomalies to trigger contact faster to avoid payment delays and performance downturns.

Embed operational efficiency

Thorough and constant analysis of complete customer account information means that Mia gives you accurate insight to act on. Your team only makes contact when necessary, decreasing the cost to serve by cutting duplication and wasted time. Conversely, you never miss the right moment to make a call when it’s needed to protect income.

Prompt the right person at the customer at the right time using Mia’s convenient channels including email and text messages.

Act on trigger events in context

You can apply metrics like overdue invoices, on stop date, highest value, approaching credit limit and adverse legal events in context of that customer’s history to trigger finely tuned credit control activity.

With all the data in Mia’s warehouse, she can show you your customer’s paying habits, their dispute behaviour and their value to you as a business so that you can apply the right action.

Help customers manage their accounts better

When customers know that calls from you don’t waste their time but instead give them valuable information, it builds their loyalty and satisfaction.

Mia extension:

Dispute Management

View 360° data on each customer and focus in on issues affecting your margins, either upstream or internal, to solve disputes much faster

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