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Configure thousands of routine, back office events for Mia to manage automatically releasing your people for the priority projects where they create the most value.

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eBook – ‘Building the Business Case for Financial Planning Software’
We can help CFO's to:
  • Gain transparency over operational efficiency for optimum performance
  • Utilise real-time reporting to deliver a data informed strategy
  • Enhance stability in the face of economic volatility
  • Ensure business continuity and data integrity
  • Increase working capital
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What Mia can do


Discover business transformation driven by process and configure thousands of events for Mia to manage automatically. Mia’s adaptable automated processes remove wastage and contribute to sustainable growth.

Reveal ever-evolving potential

Configure your rules and conditions to create the performance environment you want. Automate core processes and back office functions to optimise them continually, based on your latest data, so you can operate efficiently and focus resources where they count.

Optimise your process

Control and refine processes to achieve financial benefit. Take immediate action when events change your financial landscape.

Increase efficiency

Simplify cash cycles, maintain margins, increase profitability and monitor potential risk. Stay in control, through historic and trend reports that tell you whether your business rules are working.

Use process automation to gain a more reliable delivery to get the best from your workforce. Use your people for the work where they create most value and depend on Mia for routine and everyday back office activities.

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