Optimising Efficiency in Credit:
How Adecco Transformed their Order-to-Cash Process with Square Marble Technology

The Challenge

Despite already achieving good results within their credit function, Adecco were looking to further streamline their processes and drive better results. Although they did have solutions in place before Mia, these solutions did not provide the business intelligence needed to make smarter decisions and optimise their efficiency.

What drove Adecco to choose a Square Marble order-to-cash management solution?

Adecco is the largest recruitment company in the world, and within the brand, there are approximately 13 other brands, such as Office Angels, Badenoch & Clark and Pontoon. The credit function for all of these brands is managed by the Adecco shared service centre in Birmingham, with their credit team managing an average of between 6000 to 8000 live clients.

We spoke to Elisabeth Doppelhofer, Senior Credit Manager at Adecco UK, to learn how the largest recruitment company in the world is transforming its credit function through a partnership with Square Marble Technology; for agile order-to-cash automation, efficiency, productivity and business growth. “Despite our credit control team achieving strong results, we believed we could do better. If we could achieve greater visibility on our clients, identify those that always pay on time versus those who will always need the chase, we could ensure our team could focus their time effectively. Our prior system lacked the level of detail and tracking to achieve this.’ she says. This is where the Square Marble agile order-to-cash solution, Mia, was able to help.

The Solution

Mia has provided Adecco with greater business Intelligence; they can now be proactive rather than reactive with the live reporting and credit information they need to make data-informed decisions.

How have Square Marble Solutions improved Adecco’s processes?

Adecco’s order-to-cash process has evolved significantly over the 7 years they have been working with Square Marble. Adecco has grown substantially, and Square Marble has been able to provide support at every level. Adecco’s credit process differs from other brands in that their collectors are tasked with collecting undisputed debt, as they have a dedicated disputes team to deal with queries. Elizabeth explains that although” before us, Square Marble hadn’t really seen this, […] Square Marble, as our partners, looked at how they could best support our need and enhance our processes.”

Since adopting Square Marble solutions, Adecco now has greater insight into how often they call clients, as well as their clients’ behaviours and patterns; they also have bespoke reporting which enables their team to focus on the clients that need chasing. Elisabeth states that “to put it into numbers, our DSO has come down by about 25 to 30 days; and Square Marble is responsible for a lot of that reduction as their solutions help our collectors to work much more efficiently.”

One of Mia’s integrations informs Adecco immediately if there’s a change in a customer’s credit report whereas they were previously only reviewing clients every 6-12 months. A lot can change in a year so that live insight enables intelligent processes and decisions to help keep Adecco ahead of the game.

Elisabeth Doppelhofer

With Mia, we’ll gain the live credit information and business insight to make data-informed decisions, be proactive rather than reactive, deliver money in the bank and keep Adecco ahead of the competition

Elisabeth Doppelhofer
Senior Credit Manager, Adecco UK

Looking to the Future

Do you think order-to-cash automation should be a consideration for others businesses?

“Going forward, I think Adecco needs to maintain that pace of digital transformation as that’s the way the world is going. Everything is becoming much more technological – and credit functions need to align with that.

We can’t keep running credit the way we did ten years ago, calling clients based on spreadsheets. Credit teams today need more intelligent solutions in order to save resource, be proactive, productive and competitive, and that’s across all industries, not just in recruitment.”

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